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Sync Outlook calendar with iPhone

Sync Outlook calendar with iPhone

Outlook and iPhone calendars belong to completely different realms. So what do you do to sync Outlook calendar with iPhone?

support for syncing contacts and calendars has been deprecated

The first app that comes to mind when you think about syncing Outlook calendars and contacts is, of course, iTunes. However, we have been astonished to find the following message in the latest update:

Is there any reliable alternative to iTunes in case you don’t trust the cloud services?

In this article we will show you how to add Outlook calendar to iPhone and make sure all your data is transferred, including:

  • appointments,
  • event details,
  • event notes, etc.

The first and easiest way is to sync Outlook calendar directly with your iOS device. Your calendar entries appear on iPhone instantly.

In case you need a copy of your Outlook calendar on PC, there is a one more option. First, you will need to export calendar from Outlook as an ICS file, then import it to your iPhone.

So, choose one of the options below:

Using iTunes to Synchronize

Assuming you are an iTunes user, this is the easiest way to sync up Outlook with your iPhone.

  1. Make sure the iTunes plugin is enabled in Outlook.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes should open up automatically. If it doesn’t, you may manually open it by clicking on the iTunes icon.
  3. Open the Info tab in iTunes. Next, select “Outlook” from the “sync contacts with:” and “sync calendars with:” drop down. Below is a screen shot of what this step looks like.
  4. Finally, click the “sync” button, and there you have it.

Seems easy enough, but this method does have a few pitfalls.

  • You need to connect your iPhone to your computer every time you need to sync.
  • It’s only a one-way sync, meaning your Outlook information will appear on your iPhone, but not vice versa.

Here are all of the proven strategies for fixing iPhone Outlook calendar sync issues listed from most-common and easiest to least-common and more time consuming. It’s recommended to work through these solutions in order to effectively pinpoint the cause and correct it.

Change to Wi-Fi. For iPhone and Outlook calendars to sync properly, the data needs to be sent to the online servers, then re-downloaded to the other device. Data syncing can be delayed when your iPhone is on a cellular connection to save data so try to connect to a Wi-Fi signal and see if that works.

Disable Airplane mode. If you’ve had Airplane Mode turned on while watching a movie or during a flight, none of your data will sync properly, as your iPhone will be unable to connect to the relevant online servers. Check to see if Airplane Mode has been turned on, disable it if it has, connect to a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, and wait a few minutes.

Turn off Low Power Mode. When your iPhone battery gets low, Low Power Mode is activated. This mode disables most background activity including downloads and data syncing between services.

Charging your iPhone usually disables this mode automatically but you can also manually turn it off. Go to Settings > Battery and tap the Low Power Mode toggle switch.

Close all of your apps. Sometimes apps on iPhone can get glitchy and the best way to fix them when this happens is to close them completely and then open them again.

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Minimizing an app on iOS or switching to another app doesn’t mean you’ve closed the previous app. To close an app fully, perform a long swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top to pull up all of the open apps, then swipe down on each app to close them.

Restart your iPhone. Restarting a device to get it to work properly is a bit of a cliché but it works.

Simply pressing the power button on an iPhone just puts it to sleep. This isn’t a restart. To restart an iPhone you need to shut it down completely, then turn it back on.

Install the latest Outlook app updates. App updates frequently contain fixes for problems such as the Outlook calendar not syncing properly. Sometimes they’re even required to make sure that apps work properly with new iOS operating system updates.

To quickly check for app updates, open the App Store on your iPhone, tap Updates, then drag the list of apps down and release your finger.

Ensure you’re logged into the correct Outlook account on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts. If Outlook isn’t present on the list of accounts, tap Add Account to add it.

Check your Outlook permissions. Even if you’re logged in properly with Outlook, you may not have granted the service full access on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Passwords and Accounts > Outlook and make sure the Calendars toggle switch is turned on.

Check your iPhone’s default calendar. Go to Settings > Calendar > Default Calendar. You may have several calendars listed here, including a few Outlook ones. The calendar with the check next to it is the one where new events created on your iPhone will be placed. Make sure your preferred Outlook calendar is the one checked.

Make sure you’re using the correct calendar in the iOS Calendar app. If you’re having trouble with your iPhone calendar not syncing with Exchange or Outlook, you may want to double-check how you’re making new entries within the iOS Calendar app.

When creating a new event, tap Calendar to make sure your Outlook calendar’s name is checked. You may have been saving events to the wrong calendar.

Perform a manual iTunes sync. If you have the latest versions of iOS and Outlook installed on your iPhone, calendar data should be syncing via the cloud in the background.

If you’ve tried all of the tips mentioned above and nothing’s worked, you may want to try a sync via iTunes. First, connect your iPhone to your computer via its cable, open iTunes on your computer, then select Devices > iPhone > Info > Calendars > Sync calendars from > Outlook > All calendars > Apply.

How to use iTunes to sync calendar appointments between Outlook and your iOS device

Connect your iPhone to your PC. Open iTunes. Click on the icon for your phone. In the Settings section for your iPhone, click the entry for Info. Check the box to Sync Calendars With Outlook. Uncheck the box for Do Not Sync Events Older Than 30 days if you wish to sync older appointments. Then click the Apply or Sync button in the lower right (Figure A).

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Figure A


Open the Calendar app on your iPhone and go to Calendar view in Outlook to make sure your calendar events are now in sync between the two (Figure B).

Figure B


How to Sync Outlook Calendar With iPhone

Last Updated : 19th January 2021 | Author: Wide Angle Software Dev Team

How to Sync Outlook Calendar with iPhone


Microsoft Outlook offers an easy way to manage your emails, calendars and contacts, all in one place. If you’re also using iCloud and Google, which can also manage info like contacts, email and calendars, you may want to consolidate all this information.

This article provides info on how to add Outlook calendars to your iPhone, how to add calendars from your iPhone to Outlook, and even how to add an iCloud calendar to Outlook!

You can jump to each method using the links below:

  • How to Add Outlook Calendars to iPhone

Three Ways to Add Outlook Calendars To Your iPhone

Method 1: Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iTunes

If iTunes is your go-to place to manage your iPhone, this method is perfect for you. Let’s see how to add a calendar from Outlook to your iPhone with iTunes.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with your USB cable.
  2. If iTunes doesn’t open automatically, launch it.
  3. Click your device icon and open the «Info» tab.
  4. Check «Sync Calendars with» and select Outlook from the dropdown menu.
  5. Choose to sync all calendars, or only selected calendars using the settings provided.
  6. Click Apply to start syncing your calendars with your iPhone.

Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iTunes

As you can see from the above image, you also get the option to only sync your recent and future calendar events. Rather than filling your calendar with past events that you won’t need anymore.

Consider that iCloud must be disabled for iTunes calendar syncing to work. On your iPhone, go to «Settings» > Your username > «iCloud» and disable iCloud for the Calendars app. Connect the iPhone to your computer, open iTunes and click on your device icon. Click on the Info tab in iTunes and check «Sync Calendars», select your calendar management program and click on the «Sync» button.

Method 2: Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s answer to cloud storage. You can use iCloud to easily sync data between all your devices which use your Apple ID. As such, you can ensure that your contacts and calendars are always up to date and even have access to all your photos on all your devices.

How does iCloud work? Your files are stored online in iCloud, and your devices can access those files if they’re connected to the internet and if they have permissions (if they use your Apple ID). You can even use iCloud to save storage space on your iPhone!

If you’re using Mac and you are set up with the same Apple ID that you use on your iPhone, this should already be set up for you.

How to Add iCloud Calendar to Outlook? Here’s how to sync your Outlook calendar with your iPhone using iCloud for Windows:

  1. Enter you Apple ID and password.
  2. Select what you’d like to sync (ensure that «Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks» is checked).
  3. Click Apply to complete the process.

Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iCloud

Now, whenever you add a new calendar event in iCloud, it also appears in Outlook and on your iOS devices — and vice versa.

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Method 3: Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iPhone Mail App

You can also add your Outlook account to your iPhone using your iPhone itself! This way, you can choose what Outlook information you would like to sync with your iPhone (Emails, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders). Let’s see how:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap «Passwords & Accounts».
  3. Tap «Add Account» > Outlook.com
  4. Enter your username and password for your Outlook account.
  5. When prompted, give the app permissions to sync your data.

Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iPhone Mail App

Add Outlook Calendar to iPhone with iPhone Mail App

You may be prompted at this point to decide if you’d like to keep existing calendar events on your iPhone, in which case you may end up with duplicate events on your calendar.

How To Add iPhone Calendar to Outlook

This final option is for those who wish to backup calendars from their iPhone to their computer.

To do this, you’ll need a tool like TouchCopy. TouchCopy can copy any kind of data from your iPhone to your computer — a feature which iTunes does not provide.

Let’s see how we can use the popular TouchCopy tool to export iPhone calendars to Outlook on your computer:

  1. Download and install TouchCopy on your PC or Mac.
  2. Launch TouchCopy and connect your iPhone with your USB cable.
  3. Click «Calendars».
  4. Hit «Copy as vCard» (PC) or «Copy to Mac» (Mac).
  5. Choose a save location.
  6. Select the calendars you wish to save.

Try TouchCopy free ▼

Receive an email with a link so you can download the free trial on your computer:

Note: We respect your privacy. We won’t share your Email address with anyone else, or send you spam.

How to export iPhone calendars to Outlook

You can then import your copied calendars to Outlook. To do this, open Outlook on your computer, click File > Open & Export > Import & Export > Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file (.vcs) > Next.

How to export iPhone calendars to Outlook

Now when looking for your saved calendars, ensure that you are searching for the correct format (vCalendar format for Windows or iCalendar for Mac). Select a calendar you want Outlook to import, then hit OK.

Finally, choose whether you want Outlook to import the saved file as a new calendar, or to merge it into your existing calendar.

How to export iPhone calendars to Outlook

You should now have all the knowledge you need to effectively manage your calendars. Thanks for reading!

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